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I'd like to introduce you to Dan and his blog, .

Dan is the head coach at Haslemere Community Rugby Club (amongst other things) and has taken me under his coaching wing as the manager of the newly formed second team (so new, we haven't yet been able to play a game this season!)

Without knowing it, Dan has had an influence on the creation of Mindset Sport.

How? Well, a few of us at Haslemere CRFC got together at the start of the season and created a small, adult well-being program. Dan has been key in helping drive this forward and get the right messages out at the right time. It was the support of Dan, acknowledging that we needed to treat people as a whole and not just look after their body, that helped to bring the well-being program to fruition. Without that backing I probably wouldn't have had the confidence to take the next step and share my experience and knowledge with other sports clubs.

Please give his blogs a read and subscribe to the site. If it touches one person and helps then its done its job.

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