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MHFA England course feedback

Amazing course! Matt was friendly and supportive throughout and facilitated some great conversations!

Excellent course, I think this should be a mandatory course for all Line Managers and HR and anyone in a senior role responsible for dealing with people. I will be recommending this to our CEO for Managers.

Great! I want to keep learning now!

Matt was personable and flexible in his approach to the course. It is quite rare to find a trainer that opens up and has relatable examples and experiences in these types of situations - which made the group feel comfortable to share as well. Overall, good experience and thank you Matt again for your warm and engaging delivery!

Matthew was great and made people very comfortable in the sessions. This made for lots of open conversations which helped with the discussions around the topics. He was very clear and on time for all sessions and the course ran exactly on time. I would definitely recommend the course and Matthew as the instructor.
The course was great, well structure, great activities, homework wasn't too difficult, plenty of time between considering the subject is difficult, the instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Very good instructor and group. Very good for conversation and I now feel equipped in supporting those in need. I will be recommending this course to future colleagues. The delivery was excellent. It was informative and at times shared personal experiences which helped greatly. They were patient with us, checked our understanding and was open to us to sharing our experiences and struggles. The atmosphere created was very safe and comfortable. We all left much better than when we started. I would highly recommend them as Trainers. '

'The course was extremely well presented by both Lydia Mutare and Matthew Mason-Hames. They worked very well together but were equally competent and knowledgeable in delivering their own particular sections of the course. They made sure that we all had an opportunity to ask questions if we wanted to and both took time to welcome us and give us all a chance to participate in the group zoom lessons.'

Matthew delivered learning of very difficult and emotive subjects in a sensitive and informative way.

Mat was extremely good at delivering the course and supporting us through it.'


 I found the course very informative and also open and flexible to discuss topics. The group I was in were excellent which certainly helped this. I would have liked to spend more time on the listening activity, this is a real skill and a worthwhile session in my opinion that should be expanded.Matt was excellent and well versed with information . Overall I really enjoyed this course, even when the topics were quite heavy. Its been so worthwhile and I am so pleased I have done this so will be recommending it to everyone!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, although I already have training and experience working with emotional and mental health along side nursing, I found this course to packed full of really useful information. I felt that the environment was safe which encouraged the group to share personal and lived experiences which only enhanced the sessions. Both Matt and Norma were passionate and knowledgeable about what they taught and held the attention of the group during each session. I have already recommended this course to others and will actively keep in touch with MHFA for further training and resources. Thank you SO much! Actually quite sad to have finished!

Matt and Norma are excellent instructors . Concepts well explained and course is very interactive. Happy to be part of it

Matthew and Norma are really great people and very calming. They have led this course very well. Thank you for this

Really great course, love that it covered language and recovery, and lots of case studies and practice.All information was clear and the video on psychosis was great at the start for understanding what someone having an episode could experience.

This course has been fantastic. As someone who has diagnosed MH conditions, I found the course valuable in terms of my own diagnosis and feel equipped and ready to support those in my community.

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