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I bet you don’t train your new managers in how to have a conversation? 

In 20 years of working in retail and hospitality I’ve never come across any specific training for new managers on how to look after the team they will be leading. 

I know you do train them in 
H&S ✅
Policy ✅
Procedure ✅
Day to day task ✅
Role specific wow ✅

But do you train in
People management🤦🏻‍♂️
Team wellbeing 🤦🏻‍♂️

That’s why so many new managers can cause friction in a team. 

That’s why so many new managers come in like a bull 🐮in a china shop. 

That’s why you constantly hear managers get these conversations wrong and they try to get respect by striking fear into the team or being a hard arse rather then gain the teams respect. 

They may be great at the day to day tasks, that’s why you rewarded them with a promotion, but you haven’t set them up for success if you don’t teach them empathy and the ability to listen and understand why people react differently.

That’s what this new course is for.
It talks about why people react differently to what appears to be the same stimuli and how to start an open and honest conversation about their wellbeing.

£150 - 30 people - 1.5 hours 

£5 per person to learn a little more about the teams they will be leading. 

Message me at to book or if you have any questions or fill in the form below. 

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